At EHS, the mighty oak is our brand symbol. Why? Because the oak tree – the most honored of all healing trees, thought to possess nurturing energy – is a symbol of vigor, stability, and sturdiness. Its very image conjures up a sense of courage, strength, and endurance. The most powerful of all trees, the oak stands strong against all forces. Her branches offer protection, her deep roots teach persistence, and her strong presence represents stable health, beauty, wisdom, and life itself.

EHS Is the Effingham Community’s Oak Tree

The roots of the oak extend as far underground as its branches do above…ours do, too. EHS has cared for the Effingham community for 45 years impacting the lives of our neighbors, friends, family members, and our community. As your partner in health, we put you and your families first. We invest in people, technologies and facilities that allow you to access excellent healthcare, close to home.

We are rooted in what matters – YOU!

We will stand strong for generations to come.


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