Dr. John Bennett Returns To Port Wentworth Practices


Dr. John Bennett has returned to practice at Effingham Family Medicine and ECB Occupational
Medicine in Port Wentworth. As a board-certified internist, Dr. Bennett will see both primary
care and internal medicine patients. In addition to caring for patients, Dr. Bennett will focus on
future growth for both practices, which are in one of Chatham County’s fastest-growing areas.
Over the past seven years, Dr. Bennett has worked in various positions within Effingham Health
System, including time with the Port Wentworth practices.
He rejoins Effingham Family Medicine at an ideal time to expand Effingham Health System’s
patient base in the Port Wentworth area. With locations in Springfield, Rincon, Goshen, Guyton,
and Port Wentworth, the family medicine practices currently have a 97% patient satisfaction
Dr. Bennett will be accepting new patients at Effingham Family Medicine in Port Wentworth.
Depending on their situation, patients may have the option to see him in person—or via
telemedicine. Call (912) 966-2575 to learn more and schedule an appointment.
ECB Occupational Medicine serves the workforce in West Chatham and Effingham counties. In
addition to contracts with local industries and businesses to provide healthcare needs for their
workforce, individuals can also visit the practice for work-related healthcare needs—including
DOT and non-DOT services, like physicals and drug testing. Call (912) 826-1500 to make an
appointment with Dr. Bennett through ECB.
Effingham Family Medicine, Port Wentworth, and ECB Occupational Medicine are both located
at 7306 Hwy 21, Port Wentworth (just off I-95, via Exit 109).