Stroke: Designated Remote Treatment Center (Georgia)

The National Stroke Association states that “Recognition of stroke signs and calling 9-1-1 will determine how quickly someone will receive help and treatment.”

The Georgia Department of Public Health has designated Effingham Health System as one of twelve Remote Stroke Treatment Centers in the state of Georgia. Stroke patients require immediate treatment, which is why Effingham Health System has worked to earn this designation and provide local access to this level of care in our community.

Stroke patients are treated by emergency medicine specialists, communicating remotely with stroke specialists through telemedicine. State-of-the-art telemedicine (high definition video shared over secure lines) allows both physicians to look at brain scans in real time, therefore delivering the best possible health outcomes as quickly as possible.

The designation recognizes Effingham Health System’s advancement in quality care for stroke patients. This includes rapid screening, diagnosis, and intervention for stroke patients. This designation also recognizes the Hospital’s newly implemented secondary prevention measures, such as blood pressure control and smoking cessation, to reduce the incidence of recurrent strokes.