Estimating Treatment Costs


Price Transparency

Effingham Hospital, Inc. d/b/a Effingham Health System (“EHS”) is dedicated to compliance with applicable laws and supports its patients’ ability to know the cost of a hospital item or service before receiving it.  EHS has dedicated significant resources to analyze the thousands of different services and items that it provides including all costs, charges and payer negotiated rates.  EHS is creating an easily readable listing of the items and services that we provide to include the charges, the pricing based upon negotiated payer agreements and the minimum and maximum amounts of EHS’s reimbursement from third-party payers.  We are also including the price that you may pay if you do not have insurance and are considered a self-pay patient.  Included on our website is the initial listing of services and our charges for the items and services. This extensive process of reviewing all of this information is a continuous process and EHS will update this information as additional information and descriptions are identified and validated.

In addition to this information, EHS is dedicated to maintaining financial assistance programs to assist qualified individuals to ensure each patient has access to medically necessary healthcare services regardless of their ability to pay.  Please feel free to contact EHS’s financial assistance program representatives at 912-754-1072 or review our policies at

Standard Fees

To assure transparency, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services require us to publish our Chargemaster standard fees, upon which patient billing is based. However, since most patients actually pay less than these published rates, we provide an Estimating Service to estimate rates based on your specific situation.

For an estimate of treatment services call: 912-754-0187

Download Effingham Health System’s Full Chargemaster 2019 

Chargemaster rates are for informational purposes only and are not reflective of final patient costs. Effingham Health System makes no guarantee of costs based on these published rates. All pricing is subject to change. Actual services may vary from those anticipated or provided for the estimate. Financial estimates provided to patients by Effingham Health System are not a guarantee of costs, given they are based on information provided by the patient and healthcare provider, and actual services and insurance coverage may vary.

Patients with Insurance (including Medicare and Medicaid Patients)

Your insurance company has likely negotiated pricing that may differ significantly from our Chargemaster rates. We are happy to provide an estimate of final charges prior to your treatment based on your insurance plan. Call us at 912-754-0187. Please have on hand your insurance information and the specific procedure that you would like the estimate for.

Uninsured Patients

We understand the difficulty of paying for healthcare without the help of insurance. Our financial assistance team will work with you to develop a plan to make your healthcare costs manageable. Please call 912-754-0187 to discuss options.

Helping Hands Financial Assistance

Our Helping Hands program provides financial assistance for patients that satisfy the financial assistance program qualifications. Please call 912-754-0187 for more information.

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