Our People Matter

We know that our healthcare system’s greatest asset is our people, because they are the ones that provide hands-on patient care. It is our people that assure the best possible education, treatment and outcomes for our patients. Our people really do matter!

Effingham Health System fosters a culture that empowers each and every person to be a leader in their own right. That is why our people have the power to change our system—by being and leading the very change they want to see. Together our team is transforming healthcare for Effingham and surrounding cities.

One measurement that underscores the importance we place on our people, is how long they tend to work with us. The average tenure for our team is more than 20 years! We believe this demonstrates that Effingham Health System’s commitment is first and foremost to our people. We are a highly desired employer, offering competitive benefits and constantly improving our staff’s experience. The latest of these developments is a new employee parking lot designed exclusively with staff needs in mind.

We are both passionately dedicated to our current employees and aggressively pursuing the industry’s finest to join our team, because at Effingham Health System people come first.