Effingham Swing Bed Rehabilitation



Effingham Health System offers the Swing Bed program for patients who need additional skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services following an acute care hospitalization. If you are medically ready for discharge from an acute care hospitalization and feel that you need additional skilled nursing and therapy services to improve independence, this program would be extremely beneficial.

Types of patients that are candidates for
Skilled Nursing / Swing Bed include:

  • Joint replacement patients needing physical/occupational therapy.
  • Stroke patients who need therapy to improve their level of function.
  • Deconditioning/weakness after an extended hospitalization.
  • Respiratory / Cardiac patients in need of further conditioning following hospitalization.
  • Recovering from an infection that requires continued IV therapy.

To be eligible for admission into the Swing Bed program:

  • A physician’s order is required,
  • Plus, you must have had a consecutive 3-night inpatient hospitalization stay within 30 days of your Swing Bed admission,
  • And have a daily skilled need (or a minimum of 5 days a week).


Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plans will cover Swing Bed services that meet the criteria for skilled needs. Some commercial insurance companies may also cover this service. However, prior authorization is necessary before admission to ensure your insurance company will cover your Swing Bed stay. The average length of stay is 10-14 days.

If you are at another hospital, ask your case manager to coordinate a transfer to Effingham Swing Bed for care close to home. Please contact:

Effingham Swing Bed Coordinator

912-754-0474 • Fax 912-754-0239

We meet with you weekly to discuss your progress
towards established goals.
Discharge planning is started on admission.
Finally, we will work with you and your family to coordinate
a safe transition of care.