Surgery Page PhotoAt Effingham Health System we are committed to providing you with outstanding, compassionate care when it is determined that surgery is the best option for treatment and recovery. Our team has extensive experience in performing a variety of surgical procedures. From Same-Day Surgery to Limited Stay Procedures, you have the choice to have your surgery close to home and you can expect a positive experience and an exceptional level of care.

At Effingham Health System, patient safety, comfort and satisfaction come first. You may also be required to complete some lab work, perhaps have an x-ray, follow a special diet, shower with a special soap, etc. Your surgery coordinator will provide you with precise detail on what time to arrive at the hospital on the day of surgery and all special instructions will be provided at the time of your office visit. We will also coordinate your surgery detail with members of the hospital’s surgery staff.

Our Services:

Below is a general listing of surgery we can accommodate. If you have a specific question about a procedure, we invite you to contact us for more details.

General Surgery Including

Outpatient Procedures

  • Antibiotic Therapy
  • Fluid Replacement
  • Iron Infusions
  • IV Infusions
  • Lasix
  • Reclast
  • Remicaid
  • Solu-Medrol


  • Allergy Shots
  • B-12 Injections
  • Flu and Pneumonia Vaccinations
  • Procrit
  • Rabies Series


  • Dressing Changes
  • PICC Line Flushes
  • Porta-a-Cath Flushes

Cataract Surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery

Podiatric Surgery

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