Breast Cancer Awareness Lunch & Learn 2022

This fun and valuable Lunch & Learn is all about Women’s Healthcare, with an emphasis on Breast Cancer Awareness.

We capped off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with an extraordinary Lunch & Learn with guest speaker Margie Singleton and panelists Dr. Gregory Davis and Terrica McCullough, NP from #Effingham Women’s Health, and radiologist Dr. Christopher Hulsey. The big takeaways are to do your monthly self-check, get your annual mammogram, and discuss your options for additional screening with your provider if your mammogram says you have dense breast tissue. 99% of women who find cancer found while it is localized in the breast survive five or more years! A lovely lunch was provided by Southern Kafe on 17.

Our next Lunch & Learn will be in February, American Heart Month. Follow us here for more information. #margiesarmyfoundation

Hosted by Effingham Women’s Health in Goshen/Rincon and Effingham Health System.

Below: Margie Singleton at our Lunch & Learn event in 2022.