New Branding Unveiled

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A Message from Dr. Fran Witt, President and CEO, Effingham Health System:

Long before I joined Effingham Health System five years ago, the mighty oak tree was chosen as our symbol. It has stood for strength, commitment, dedication, and perseverance, and long life. Under this oak tree symbol, our community has sown generational roots, grown new branches, and flourished. At the same time, embracing and weathering the frenetic dynamics and changes that have occurred in the healthcare industry.

However, today we are at a crossroads. Both in our transformational journey as a healthcare provider, and how we strategically respond to the changing world around us. It is imperative that we remain intentional, focused, and competitive. Just as we’ve all traded in Yellow Pages for smart phones and computers—the role of healthcare systems like us is changing dramatically and rapidly.

Today’s modern healthcare systems not only care for the sick and injured. It is a business model where the patient experience is the PRIORITY. Expectations are to be proactive and partner with you to improve your lifestyle, which translates to improving your health for the community it serves.

Modern healthcare branding needs to reflect that change. We’ve already seen the other major healthcare systems in our region recognize the need to change perception through updated branding. The time has come for Effingham Health System to reflect that evolution in our own brand.

Our new branding will continue the wave, the movement, and the excitement that we have ignited in this healthcare system. However, you choose to interpret our new brand icon—as water, as waves, as flames, or even as wings—its organic shape represents LIFE.

With digital and social media playing such a significant role in our lives, this symbol is more important than ever. As we become stronger and more relevant as a healthcare system, we will instill in this new symbol the values, vision, and mission of Effingham Health System. And as we continue to grow to meet the needs of this community, our new branding will help us communicate the many services that Effingham Health System offers.


Dr. Fran Witt
President & CEO
Effingham Health System