Notice of Public Hearing


Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held at 12:30 p.m. on July 7, 2022, in the Kieffer Hall Community Room at Effingham Hospital, 459 GA 119, Springfield, Georgia 31329, concerning the issuance by the Effingham County Hospital Authority (the “Authority”) of its Effingham County Hospital Authority Refunding and Improvement Revenue Anticipation Certificate, Series 2022, in the principal amount of $29,785,000 (the “Series 2022 Certificate”).  Proceeds from the sale of the Series 2022 Certificate shall be used to provide funds needed to pay the cost, in whole or in part, of (i) currently refunding, redeeming and defeasing the outstanding Effingham County Hospital Authority Federally Taxable Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds – Direct Pay (GNMA Collateralized – Effingham Hospital Project), Series 2010A, (ii) acquiring certain land and facilities through the prepayment of an outstanding revolving line of credit loan, (iii) acquiring, constructing and equipping certain improvements to the Health Care System (herein defined), and (iv) paying the costs of issuance of the Series 2022 Certificate.  The Certificates shall be special obligations of the Authority payable from and secured by a pledge of and lien on the gross revenues arising out of or in connection with the Authority’s ownership of Effingham Hospital, which includes four family medicine locations, two imaging centers, a women’s health center, a skilled nursing facility, and other related facilities (the “Health Care System”).  The Health Care System is leased to Effingham Hospital, Inc., a Georgia non-profit corporation.

The public hearing will be held in person or the public may participate by teleconference by calling 1-877-309-2073 and access code 234-486-013.

At the public hearing written comments may be submitted and all interested parties may appear and be heard.


For Publication on Wednesday, June 29, 2022.