Inpatient and Outpatient Care


As a Critical Access Hospital, Effingham Health System has 25 patient beds and is fully equipped to provide patients with exceptional inpatient care. Inpatient care is expertly led by a “Hospitalist” physician, and supported by a team of providers and skilled nursing staff.

Swing Bed Option

For patients needing skilled care versus acute care—such as patients undergoing rehabilitation—Medicare allows Effingham Health System, as a community hospital, to provide a “swing bed” room so you can get exactly the attention you need.


Outpatient services, where patients go home the same day as their treatment, range from medical imaging and lab work, to chemotherapy and medical infusions, to outpatient surgery. Learn more about our services.

Patients may tell their physician that they would like to be referred to Effingham Health System for outpatient services. This includes lab work, MRI, CT scan, 3D mammograms, ultrasound, medical oncology and hematology services.