Effingham Pediatrics Center Grand Opening

Dr. Fran Witt, President and CEO of Effingham Health System, shared these comments during the Grand Opening Ceremony of the new Effingham Pediatrics Center, located at 520 West 3rd Street in Springfield, Georgia.

“Today is monumental and marks a pivotal era that evidences best practices and transformational healthcare—specifically, Pediatric Services to our community. As we celebrate National Nurses and Hospital Week, the timing of this grand opening is befitting. The EHS team has certainly raised the bar and has clearly aligned with our vision of achieving and exceeding industry standards. 

Let’s discuss the impact and significance of the New Pediatric Center. 

  • Since 2018 we have experienced a 425% increase in pediatric visits.
  • Visit volume has increased from 8,082 to 14,144. 
  • This new center allows us to move from seeing 32 patients per day to seeing 56 patients each day. 

So today is just the beginning. We gather here to cut the ribbon on 5,100 square feet of light-filled space dedicated to keeping our children healthy. Our journey positions Effingham Pediatrics to be a leader in the delivery of healthcare for the children in our community. A place where best practices and technology come together to improve outcomes and enhance the experience for patients and their families.

And soon, our vision will grow the center by adding space and specialty pediatric services. Today is the first step toward that vision. Our community is growing, and we plan to stay ahead of that growth. Providing pediatric care for every child in our area that needs it—Quality Care Close to Home!”

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